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(`・∀・´) Playing with face plates。

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017. Devil Homura Nendoroid


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This is actually my first of a bunch of things:

  • Garage Kit / Resin Figure
  • "Diorama"
  • Pastel Shading (NEAT!)
  • Painting Eyes

I guess it’s not that many things, but a bunch of new to me. I’m REALLY happy with how it turned out, and can’t believe I could make those plain and rough resin pieces turn into this. I don’t mean it in a braggy way as there’s MUCH I can improve on, but for a first time with resin I’m really happy :)

Painting Eyes

Pretty neat - and not AS hard as I thought. Can still improve though. I have a thin brush and I think something even a little thinner and stiffer would help me here. Although more skill is definitely required as well.

Perhaps I’m getting at least a little better at hand painting detail. I think it ended up showing in the silver highlights all around the belt/shoes/etc as well.

Pastel Shading

I think I stumbled across this by accident before getting to that point with this figure, and I’m glad I did - but you can barely tell I did any on this so I think I have to figure out how to increase the shading’s intensity. Next one I will be attempting to dry brush as well. I’m hoping the combination of these two techniques will land my shading into a better category. I really liked how I was applying the pastel dust. It was pretty easy and when you do look close in the right light the effect is really nice.

More shading would have definitely improved the kit a whole bunch though. I should have done a little more with it.


Crazy glue works pretty well for things that should be hidden. As you can see on the cross in her mouth.. it does not look good at all when you can see it. (The glue is not as invisible as I would have thought for some reason)

Touch-ups suck. I say this specifically because there are a couple spots that you can see I tried touching up some paint and the colours (hand brush vs air brush), though technically the same, did not match up at all. Refer to the back of her left wing.

All painting turned out okay, but I _really_ want to figure out better and more efficient ways to mask pieces, especially if I’m going to continue with detailed resin kits. I get so frustrated when masking because of how long it takes and seeing how inaccurate my taping was only AFTER i paint and remove the mask. But that applies to all my builds right now.

Also, I definitely don’t mind the skin tone (straight-out-of-bottle Tamiya Flat Flesh) but mixing something different certainly would have improved the kit.

That’s about all I can think of right now for a write-up, but please let me know if you have any ideas for me to use to improve what I’ve done.

I’ll probably end up editing this when I remember points here and there anyway.

I’m always looking for constructive criticism. Even if it’s mean, as long as it’s constructive :)

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